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My name is Alexandra Blowers

I am an artist that has worked in Film, Television, and Theater. I have experience with digital and traditional rendering, character, and creature design, Props fabrication, Scenic Design, and Makeup Prosthetic creation.

About Me.

I’ve had the incredible opportunity and privilege to travel widely and experience the world. I grew up moving often, starting from New Zealand where I was born I have also lived in Australia, India, Malaysia, and Singapore before graduating in Maryland, and then moving to Los Angeles California. This experience has had a profound impact on my art, with every culture providing me with new inspiration and skills. 

Since I joined the Workforce each project has been another opportunity to grow my skills and become a better artist.


2019- Present

B.A in Theater Design and Production

UCLA  School of Theater Film and Television

I studied Theater at California’s top state universities, I have a rounded education and a variety of tangible practical skills as a result. I am still In the process of finalizing my degree but am taking a gap year to grow my professional experience.


Pre- College Intensive

Maryland Institute College of Art

I studied figure drawing and painting in addition to design and illustration at one of the top art schools in the US.


king lear poster
Saint Joan
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol

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562 666 1427

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